A Hands-On Tour of the Ocean Floor in Bermuda

If you would like to explore coral reefs and see what the world “down under” (down under WATER, that is!) looks like, but you have no desire to learn how to scuba dive, here is an opportunity you won’t want to miss.

The next time you are in Bermuda, head for Hartley’s Under Sea Adventures (located in Somerset, and operated by Greg Hartley).  Here you will receive a few minutes of instruction, an underwater helmet which has an air hose attached (the other end of the hose is attached to your air supply on a nearby boat), and a guided tour “under the sea,” actually walking along the ocean floor.  And guess what!  You don’t even have to know how to SWIM!  You won’t even get your hair wet!

You’ll walk eight feet below the surface of the water, and have a chance to feed and pet the fish and touch the coral.

Underwater trips are available April through October, and the warmest water months are July and August.   The $80 for adults and $55 for children under 13 admission fee includes a boat ride, a half-hour underwater tour with special helmet, and an underwater souvenir photo!

No, it’s not cheap or free, but it’s too cool not to mention.


For More Information….

Call: 1-866-836-3989 or 1-441-234-2861. (Cell phone: 1-441-334-7607.)

Write:  Hartley’s Under Sea Adventures; PO Box SB 194; Sandys SB-BX, Bermuda.

E-mail:  hartley@ibl.bm

Website:  http://www.hartleybermuda.com



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