Going to Dubai? Better Know the LAWS.

IMPORTANT:  If you break the law of a country you are visiting, your embassy will probably not be able to help you.  So know the laws and customs before you go.

By now you might be aware that a British couple in their 30s were sentenced to three months in jail and deportation because of their “public display of affection” on the beach following a champagne brunch.  Well, actually the charges were drunkenness and public indecency and sex outside of marriage.  The couple claims there was no sex, just kissing.

Recently, a lesbian couple was sentenced to a month in jail, followed by deportation, for sharing a kiss on the public beach in Dubai.

Three years ago, an unmarried Indian couple was sentenced to one year in prison just for hugging and kissing in the back seat of a taxi in the Emirate of Fujairah which is north of the UAE.  When the taxi driver saw what they were doing, he drove them directly to the police station!

If you’re planning a trip to Dubai, remember that it is part of the United Arab Emirates (UAE).  The operative word here is “Arab.”   It might be a popular destination right now, and very glamorous (and expensive), but it is a Muslim country and their laws are very conservative.

Just because you’re a tourist who is bringing money into the region, never lose sight of the fact that this is NOT an amusement park or a paid attraction.  You are visiting another country with another culture, and you’d better learn their laws before you go there.  (This applies to ALL international travel.)

Here are some of the laws.

Public displays of affection, including holding hands and kissing, are socially unacceptable and can lead to an arrest.

Prescription and over-the-counter medications are often considered illegal or a controlled substance.  Keep your meds in their original containers and bring a letter from your doctor as a well as a copy of your prescription with you.

If you are caught with any illegal drugs, or have the presence of illegal drugs in a blood or urine test, or even have a trace amount of drugs on your clothing, on your body, or in your luggage, you could be charged with drug possession.

Don’t drink and drive there either.  In fact, technically you are only allowed to drink alcoholic beverages at your hotel.

Do not take pictures of the locals, especially women, without permission.  And notice that many government buildings don’t allow photographs.  They take this very seriously.

According to the U.S. Department of State:

Americans living or traveling in the United Arab Emirates are encouraged to register with the nearest U.S. Embassy or Consulate through the State Department’s travel registration web site and to obtain updated information on travel and security within the United Arab Emirates. Americans without Internet access may register directly with the nearest U.S. Embassy or Consulate.  By registering, American citizens make it easier for the Embassy or Consulate to contact them in case of emergency.

The U.S. Embassy in Abu Dhabi is located at Embassies District, Plot 38, Sector W59-02, Street No. 4, P.O. Box 4009. The telephone number is (971) (2) 414-2200, and the Consular Section fax number is (971) (2) 414-2241.

The email address for American Citizens Services inquiries, including passport questions, is abudhabiacs@state.gov. The after-hours telephone number is (971) (2) 414-2500. The Embassy Internet web site is http://uae.usembassy.gov/.

The U.S. Consulate General in Dubai is located on the 21st floor of the Dubai World Trade Center, P.O. Box 9343. The telephone number is (971) (4) 311-6000 (for after-hours emergencies, contact the Embassy at (971)(2) 414-2200 for the Dubai Duty Officer, and the Consular Section fax number is (971) (4) 311-6213.

The email address for American Citizens Services inquiries, including passport questions, is dubaiwarden@state.gov. The web site for the U.S. Consulate General in Dubai is http://dubai.usconsulate.gov/.

The workweek for both the Embassy in Abu Dhabi and the Consulate General in Dubai is Sunday through Thursday.

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179 Responses to “Going to Dubai? Better Know the LAWS.”

  1. jason on

    As Soon as they run out of oil well we all know what going to happen to UAE

  2. Kay Smith on

    What will happen to UAE?

  3. nadia on


  4. Mike on

    These laws should be clearly communicated prior to any tourist seeking to visit Dubai. The potential loss of income through tourism may just then change their minds on applying laws to visitors. Western countries on the whole show alot of tolerance for the culture of Muslim tourists, and this needs to be reciprocated in Dubai and the rest of the Arab world for western visitors, whom have a very ‘open’ culture.

  5. Nickie on

    if you take a job down there and you have kids going to a westerner school will they have to follow the same rules

  6. Daniel on

    I heard that these laws apply even to those who just change flights at the airport and not even visiting Dubai?

  7. Jayne on

    I find it funny they can have all of these laws for tourists visiting their country, but when they come to the UK they expect everyone to adhere to their culture and religion. Double standards.

  8. Joe on

    Only classless rappers and hip-hop artists find this place appealing. There are so many nicer places that are less expensive. Dubai is an Arab joke on the West.

  9. DJ on

    It’s important to follow laws of other countries while visiting. If someone were to come to the US and break a law, “I didn’t know” is not a defense…. It’s different culture… if you can’t abide by their laws go somewhere else. This is a perfect example of why there is little love for the West… having an ethnocentric approach toward others beliefs…. Christians go all over the world in an attempt to change others religions and “scare” them into Christianity. I am looking to get my TESOL certification and if, in my research I don’t like what I see in one country I’ll look at another… we may be doing the same thing by expecting the world to learn English…

  10. james on

    i very much doubt tourism will effect dubai economy’s greatly

  11. james on

    these laws have been there for century’s and will remain there in fact that is why . imagine
    no adultery, no drinking in public, and so on on in the U.K that would save us taxpayers so much money on nhs and so on wouldn’t it ?

  12. Namrata on

    I want to know is there any registered company ‘Yoga Life Style’ in Dubai

  13. Dan on

    Well in response to “jason”, Dubai doesn’t actually have any oil. Their neighour emirate Abu Dhabi however owns about 8% of the world’s oil & gas reserves. So don’t worry about Dubai running out of oil…. lol. By the time they run out of oil/gas, they will have built up enough infrastructure and held major loans from other companies, that they will still be sitting pretty.

  14. bob on

    you are contradicting yourself so much here. you say that the western world is tolerent of the muslim comunity but here you are showing complete intolerence of there culture and laws.

  15. nadine [dubai on

    you know we all live somewhere they have laws so if we diagree with any of them we should vote to change them otherwise we must obey the laws of the land . its in the bible …

  16. Travelpod on

    Funny! Those beating down on Dubai are the ones who have never been there and frankly probably haven’t done much traveling at all. My view is that if you don’t like the way a place works? Then stay home. Nobody is asking you to move or go there. End of story. At this point, I have made more money in Dubai that anywhere else, I live better, the streets are clean, I can shop at midnight without fearing for my life, it is safe, people are respectful, clean. There are plenty of places for foreigners to have fun at. Beautiful beaches. I have made tons of friends, foreign and locals and as for my fiance and I? If we want to kiss or hug, we do it at home. It hasn’t killed us, it hasn’t stopped us from having a great life and enjoying ourselves. As for the drinking? I can think of a few countries around the world that might want to apply their alcohol laws. It might save more lives. So before beating down a country, find out more about it. Otherwise you just sound….Ignorant

  17. azi on

    I like Dubai and I really wish to go there…laws are laws, nothinf could be changed because of tourists…

  18. Apoorva on

    no offence to Dubai’s laws but they are really stupid. For example if you want to hug a friend,or kiss your mother goodbye.

  19. Andy Carter on

    I understand you adhear to the laws and try to comply but..”Holding Hands?”
    and my wife was almost arrested for “eating a sweet” in Day time at the airport (Ramadan!)

  20. Terry on


    Before you open a mouth that doesn’t know all of it try being a service member over there that is trying to protect those ones that are being victimized. At least in the united states when a women reports rape it’s investigated. There is it not instead the woman is automatically arrested for having sexual relations out of marriage. So before you speak learn ALL the facts.

  21. Hays on

    I have friends who live out there who say it really isn’t as bad as everybody says it is. Personally my view on it all is that what ever country you visit you must obey their laws and culture no matter what and if you don’t like it why on earth are you going there lol!?

  22. brontew on

    Personally the reason I travel is to experience new places and cultures. I am travelling to Dubai shortly. To me it is simply polite to respect other countries’ customs and rules, as any guest would. If you don’t understand that concept don’t go – there are enough of us who are respectful to keep Dubai’s economy ticking over. I am sure disrespectful tourists won’t be missed.

  23. oliver on

    dubai have very strict rules and
    regulations for example no sexul contact (holdding hands,kissing, sex and the list could go on)

  24. Stuart on

    These laws are shit!

  25. ella on

    I’ve been there in dubai for more than 4 months.. My advice is “Forget dubai”.. or you will regret later.. When you look back your life u’ld have missed all the fun in your life…. :)

  26. Adam on

    I am from Canada and yeah there are a lot of ignorant people who do not respect other cultures and that angers me but when the laws of a culture violate HUMAN RIGHTS and incarcerate individuals for displaying natural human emotions such as the love for one another, I will PROUDLY disrespect that aspect of the culture. Ethnocentric view? I call it a REASONABLE, COMPASSIONATE AND LOGICAL view. Your laws and that aspect of your culture ARE wrong.

  27. Chris Y on

    “In fact, technically you are only allowed to drink alcoholic beverages at your hotel.”
    Not completely true. I was there last year and your also allowed to drink in clubs, bars, and restaurant that serve alcohol. If you really want to get it one with you partner just stay in a hotel for a night and do as you please

  28. unknown on

    some of these laws are really annoying to be honest they are really bad espescially the punishments

  29. Freddy on

    i can’t belive this Here are some of the laws.

    Public displays of affection, including holding hands and kissing, are socially unacceptable and can lead to an arrest.

    how can a man fall in love then how can he get a girl if this is the rules guys will turn in to gays cause of the strict rules i have seen to many homo thugs in here cause they say i can’t get girls cause of the daum rules ok, kissing is not allowed ok why holding hands is not allowed i am 18 years old in my life i have neva went to a girl or say hi cause am scared worried if the police or cid catch me cause am saying hi to a gyal or holding hands pls try to understand that some boys are sad single cause of the rules they to worried about to get a girl guys turning gays now a days but u don’t know if there are some chaneges an rules are lil good like holding hands with a girl then it will be ok but if it like that then no guy u would see holding hands with a lady or even huging her or even going to the movies or any thing if there is no love there is no life i luv dubai very much my fav place i respect all my arab brothers an sisiters i respect the law but some rules just are funny an scary any way thats all i have to say about my thinking peace to all.

  30. Chris A on

    Straight up listen if you dont like the way they do there thing here tough luck that is the reason why there is more people in the US jails than there is in the UAE jails people are calm here and your not reading in the paper everyday on how people are getting shot its all because of the laws here. its much more cleaner the place is beautiful and its only expensive for the people that dont have any money if you want more bang for your buck then stay where you are.Im a American and i love it here. Truly this place really isn’t for the poor and if your poor than you really shouldn’t be travelling in the first place.

  31. Charmante on


    Spot on!

  32. Anonymous on

    Stuart you are shit!!

  33. Dubai Guy on

    Everyone, can’t you see that Dubai is amazing, at least in Dubai they are cleaner and have more respect for other people!! Over in America we are nasty and mean to everyone!! So listen Dubai is wanting to be a city of the future, and for peace so please stop!

  34. Alli Laihdutuslääke on

    gotta love Dubai =)

  35. unknown on

    i think Dubai is amazing, im here right now and all of the people are so nice!and they respect each other which is more that i can say for the other places where you go on holiday and booze and have sex on the beach!

  36. Moe on

    Look alot of you don’t realize that every country in this world will go down before dubai. We can learn a few things from them. And for the guy who said they will lose alot of money from tourists obviously doesn’t realize that if it was up to the dubai gov they wouldnt even allow tourists or there money because they def dont need it.I wish I can just make it in dubai one day it is really the best place on earth!!!

  37. Shea on

    Travelpod said it best!! I am looking forward to traveling to Dubai. If I have to follow their rules, so be it! Dubai seems to be one of the most beautiful countries i’ve seen! CAN’T WAIT!!

  38. Sock on

    Some of these laws seem beyond ridiculous. In my opinion, any law that prevents a person from doing something that doesn’t hurt anyone and doesn’t harm the environment is beyond stupid. Religion is the major cause of intolerance in my opinion. Believe in whatever god you want who cares, follow any rules you believe in, but nothing gives anyone the right to impose any beliefs on another person. Not imaginary borders we draw in the sand and not even a group of democratic people who vote that something is harmful when it obviously doesn’t hurt anyone or any thing. To think for a second that kissing or holding hands hurts anyone is so completely absurd and stupid you have to be mentally retarded or brainwashed to think otherwise. You may believe that an action may cause mental harm, but I would only consider someone causing fear something as actually being harmful. And even then if it’s accidental then the punishment shouldn’t be ridiculous. Shame, discust, etc may be unpleasent but they don’t hurt anyone. Repect each other and don’t hurt anyone ever. It’s that simple.

  39. Sock on

    And before anyone points out the obvious, there is obviously a few rare exceptions like trespassing and privacy laws but unless there is actual intential harm done from a trespass or an invasion of privacy then the offense is really not that bad in my opinion. Nothing worth jail time in my opinion. If I have to take a leak and pee on the side of your building well sure fine me 1% of my yearly income but don’t throw me the slammer! I’m not a threat to humanity! I just couldn’t hold it geesh!

    And you’re right, nobody asked me to go to Dubai, but it’s my choice to consider going there, and now that I know how ridiculous their laws are there’s not a chance in hell I’ll go there just out of principal! The law could be to spend 1 minute in jail for kissing and I wouldn’t go there. Once again it’s simply beyond absurd. And again it’s not their culture or religiion I have a problem with, it’s their imposing it on me if I want to visit. So I just wont visit and simply invite them to visit me in Canada. Just don’t sneeze or blink, we chop your head off for those offenses. Why are people so stupid? I mean sure some things are complicated and hard to comprehend but holding hands. Seriously? Enjoy your land by yourself.

  40. Ruth on

    Anyone ever stop to think who really is paying the Bills in Dubai and all through the Arab countries!!!
    I don’t see these guys sharing their “wealth” with their poor cousins! When there is a disaster somewhere in the world, I don’t see the Arabs lending a helping hand! What are hey going to do when the oil runs dry, what good will their trillions do them then?

  41. Dan on

    But of course everyone has to respect them wearing their stinky head rags everywhere and cry racism when they don’t get what they want. islam is not a fucking race, fortunately. Who the hell wants to go to a crap arab country anyway, as if there aren’t way more beautiful places. By the way, is deodorant also illegal in your country? If it’s not, do yourselves and the rest of the actual civilized world a favor and order in bulk.

  42. Nipun Anand on

    Western culture is like an early mans culture. It is foolishness in the disguise of openens where people just for exploiting others take shelter of these nonsense words like openess.

    Actually what is done in UAE is right and is a symbol of cultured civilization whereas so called western openess is Animalistic and uncultured.

  43. ayen on

    all comments here are all true its very hard to stay here in dubai…you should have to follow all the rules or else u getth e worst thing that u regrets all of ur life..just be careful and always pray to God…

  44. Lucia on

    well, i’ve lived in dubai for more than 2 years now and i just read so many exagerating comments… first of all, i always kiss my friends (on the cheek) and hold hands with my boyfriend when i walk anywhere in dubai. of course we don’t kiss passionately in public places as we respect the local culture. secondly, all the clubs, lounges, and most of the bars and restaurants do serve alcohol.. it is true though that most of these places are located in hotels but there is soooo much choice. And unlike most comments i heard about dressing rules before coming to dubai, people here (mainly expatriats of course) wear the same clothes as in any western country (including mini-skirts).
    there are also some negative things but trust me, you can live a very normal life in dubai. and it is indeed a very safe country.

  45. vicky on

    hii can i take over 2 pets to dubai or no? because my sister has a puppy but i have to can we take all of them someone please tell me or we will have to sell our dog

  46. Topdog on

    I know this might sound like a stupid question but we are planning a family trip to Dubai in November and just wanted to know the laws about holding your childrens hand or does the law just apply to the other sex. Also I have a friend that has just returned and she said there are alot of rules and regulations on how the woman has to be covered at all times and not to be walking around with a bikini top on. Can someone please give me answers. Thanks

  47. Jordi Panzram on

    I almost got arrested in Dubai because I was on the beach wearing denim pants and a long sleeve T-shirt. I had just arrived from fucking Münich and didn’t have time to change on the Hotel since my friends were desperate to go out.

    Respect the law? Sure, but if laws are fucking stupid why should people be tolerant? In the west we tolerate their bullshit all the time, shit, just take a look at the sorry state of affairs in the UK.

    If they really want to turn it into a very succesful tourist destination in the future, they’d better be more lax in some of their stupid laws.

    And yes, Islam is a stupid religio, much more than Christianity, and that’s saying something.

  48. Jordi Panzram on

    “Western culture is like an early mans culture. It is foolishness in the disguise of openens where people just for exploiting others take shelter of these nonsense words like openess.”

    This “early mans” culture gave you the computer and the internet connection you used o write that. What has your medieval, moon devil worshipping culture, given to the modern world?

  49. maleeza on

    i think dubai has right rules as guyz dont respect girls…love is not sex,holding hands and kissing in the public? If u want to do all these things get married legally and do everything when your at home,why public…stupid to commit sins illegally also in public.,behave yourselves and respect everybody and everything!!

  50. Omar Al-Zidjali on

    TBH, if Dubai were to allow people kissing and drinking in public, it would end up being like the UK. People practically having sex in their cars, public bathrooms, shops etc. and not to mention the idiots running around intoxicated out of their skulls looking to ruin other peoples nights. The reason why the laws are strict is so that it can remain as clean and normal as possible and not ruin its beauty. I lived in Oman my whole life and moved to Scotland and all I can say is, I wish the UK were as caring about its image as other countries were.

  51. Ateek on

    Omar Al-Zidjali..people like you are real hypocrites…kissing and drinking in public is not going to leave you like UK. Though you always dream about sleeping with the european beauties..atleast in other countries people are able to do what they want to..and the law is eaqual for all like muslims who impose their thoughts on others are they consider everyone as their slaves…u seems to be scared by the way UK has grown..just wait for the oil wells to end then we will see what you people are going to do…

  52. rashed on

    i have lived in dubai all my life, im from there ,, everyone that is talking shit about it is wrong it is one of the best places in the world, their laws is perfect, its a muslim country they aren’t going to allow kissing and having sex in public n everything that has to do with that, they have respect for people so who ever doesn’t like it just stop thinking about Dubai then.. for whoever is saying that they should let the people kiss and have sex in public is wrong.. imagine your sister is kissing a guy in public and everyone is watching how would you feel?
    think again before saying anything about Dubai its an amazing place to be at..

  53. rashed on


    ateek you have no rights to say anything about muslims ,no we don’t think anyone is our slaves you only think that, who do you think you are..? what do you mean when we lose all our oil? we have more than 8% of oil in the world, so until we’re out its in a really long time and till now we are much better than the UK, why would anyone be scared of the UK? its nothing ..

  54. Falcon hunter on

    The UAE without sheikh Zayed is nothing. It’s like a plant that is giving its last shades of green. May God help the leaders of the UAE to see that deporting someone from God’s land is a disgrace in my mind. I was born in AbuDhabi and lived there for 30 years but coz of a snitch I got 4yrs and deportation under my arm like a gift just coz they dont want me to apply for a UAE passport! I dont want the passport, I know no other country but the UAE and for 2 years now im homeless and dont know where to go and what to do coz I have no friends except there. I love the country but the public prosecutor has all the say, not me not u not the lawyer not even the judge. Thats not fair, were is the law? Sheikhs children never get arrested and the law doesnt apply to them in their country only to expats. They consider marijuana a drug and needs 4 years of rehab, how stupid. The US is legalizing it for its medicinal uses and there they think its like heroin. Oh and by the way if u use heroin u only get 1 year in jail instead of 4 years like for marijuana. So in Dubai take heroin not weed ok guys!coz 2 days after u only get a chemical that grants u 1 year in the lock up. I go crazy thinking of it all again I just wanna get on with my new life. One day Dubai will be empty coz of all the people they kicked out of there for no legitimate reason. Now ghosts live in the stranded buildings on sheikh Zayed road. This is what happens when u give someone a toy he cant play with.

  55. naz on

    Cant wait to go to DUBAI UAE

  56. huw on

    i am fliying to dubai on friday i have not seen my daughter for 30 years am i allowed to hug her at the airport

  57. truth on

    Dubai law didn’t cause the locals ,law give the freedom to all locals and they make nuisance to external peoples,law for external not internal

  58. truth on

    Recession is man made stage, now Dubai has no recession ,Dubai goes to big growth in the world.Construction bussiness are now well in dubai and investors now investing dubai market,because dubai is the safe investment place in world.

  59. San on

    For an android application for your Dubai Visit download this… Its comprehensive about Dubai

    Enjoy the trip

  60. alan on

    My advice is just dont go there its never worth the worry

  61. Claire on

    DJ on: Interesting comment, although to deem all Westerners as Christians is totally false. The bottom line is, when Arabs visit the UK their cultural needs are given far more consideration than if we visit their countries. So I hardly think the Westerner as the bad guy here. People should abide by laws but they shouldn’t have to alter their religious beliefs (if they have any beliefs at all) just to go on holiday.

  62. Claire on

    Rashed on: if my sister kissed a guy and was holding hands in public I wouldn’t care. Nothing wrong with showing love. Stop being such a prude & losen up!

  63. Claire on

    Seriously guys there’s a huge difference between holding hands and having a little kiss in public than having full on sex. Stop being so silly. Don’t take life so seriously, you won’t get out alive 😉

  64. Claire on

    What I find interesting is that, when Western women visit these countries they are expect to ‘respet their views on how they should dress’ and so, have to cover up more, even if it means they are boiling hot. Whereas when Muslim visit the UK, we don’t force them to show their faces and wear clothes that ‘we’ we. I’m all for respectiing different ultures rules as long as they respect ours…which they don’t.

  65. Claire on

    P.S. Excuse the typos, my keyboard is sticking and yes, I’m sure the typo police will pick up on it 😀

  66. Aneta on

    I’m going to Dubai for the first time next week. I have to say I don’t agree with some of their laws, but I have no right to judge. I intend to obey their laws, even though I might not be happy about. I can’t imagine not being to hold my husbands hand in public.

  67. eddie on

    im a westener and i am really embarrased to be one after seeing how well they live here in Dubai, they have respect for one another, the place is clean and safe, they are tolerant just not for idiots who show no respect, as for the other comment about them not sharing their wealth, u nubmnuts are an idiot

  68. Nia on

    Hello everyone, I have read the comments from everyone and I agree and disagree with some but the beauty is we have the right to both. For the military person who made a validate point regarding women who have been raped being. For the business person who has made money in Dubai and is very pleased. For thiaw who were happy to visit or voice an opinion and those who have a negative one. I have done research on the country and I am a Black American who will be moving there by choice. The laws do not bother me why because I want to respect the culture and religion of the country. I know this will make a lot of people upset but I have had enough of living in the U.S. Why do I say that because

  69. rob on

    im from south africa and leaving for dubai soon.is there any advice another south african can give?

  70. Bubzles on

    I have just returned from a holiday to Europe in which I had a transit in Dubai. We got off the plane and the airline staff we ushering us off to our next flight which was due to leave in 45mins. Our carry on bags we scanned and my mother had purchased some alcohol from Madrid, but they wouldn’t let us take it because it wasn’t sealed. We tried to show the security officers the European sticker on the lid of the bottle, but then they change their story and said, no the box wasn’t sealed and we couldn’t take it. My mother disputed this and refused to accept it. The security officer then became abusive toward her and was shoving her toward the escalator to move us on. When she refused he demanded her passport and started pulling at her handbag. She tried to find the police office but as we got upstairs to the main terminal, he again grabbed her bag and threw her to the floor, took her passport out and started walking away. In the middle of a crowded terminal!!!! Obviously, we started chasin him and he flatly refused to give it back and kept walking. Eventually, we arrived at the police area and they told her to sign a document all in Arabic, and the refused to give her a copy. He kept explaining it is a warning so that next time we go back, she will not have a second chance. After much disputing, she signed the paperwork, and we were put on our flight. After we collected our baggage when we landed we noticed the lock was missing from her suitcase. When we opened it at customs, all our holiday cash had been taken, her underwear torn up and an envelope, unopened with my brothers wallet (which he accidentally left behind in Madrid) was opened and his credit cards and license were gone! I will never ever go back to that disgusting, filthy country and I feel incredibly sorry for anyone who thinks that it is a fantastic place. Anyone who has the ordasity to treat anyone in that manner should be locked away!

  71. juan on

    @rob, can you tell us about your experience when you return from your trip?

  72. Rico love on

    Going to jail in Dubai is better than living free in a sh1thole like the UK. #Fact

  73. Makha on

    @Nipun Anand,

    Spoken like a true indoctrinated fool. I’ll take an animalistic and free society over what you consider “right”. Any country adhering to religious laws are not free people because it means one must either a) be of the chosen religion, or b) adhere to the rules of it. How is either a choice? Wow, it’s amazing how slaves are so protective over their restraints.

  74. Rico love on

    @Bubzles, cool story bro, lol no offense but your mom sounds like a b1tch and she deserved it, have you never been to a foreign country? Don’t argue with police! Moron

  75. Makha on


    You must be from Texas. lol

  76. ccn on

    so. i’m a girl that live in Dubai and what can i say. i’m Portuguese, and i’m happy here. i do not drink because i don’t like it. i do respect the rules.
    What i love about Dubai i love to go to the beach and let my mac pro in the chair and go to a swim and not worry if someone going to steal it. go out at night to club and not worry about robbery or murders. i do use a bikini to the beach, to the day by day i use outfit that cover knees, elbows and shoulders is not a big deal, but i see alot of girl that just use what ever they want.

    in my country i have law that i don’t understand, the same of EUA.

  77. drugmule on

    @Travelpod, shut up you bell.

  78. Sam on

    @Travelpod, great post. I completely agree with you.

  79. promises us weeekly on

    @Dan, really? you probably stink like shit they have the best everything,i dont think youu even been there fataass cracker!

  80. Taps on

    You people saying Dubai has double standards etc need to just wake up from your ignorant bliss. The fact is it is one of the safest places on earth, the people there actually have respect for one another…and their culture. Unlike some people who think that their indecent ways are the way to go for the whole end to spiral into utter uselessness!

  81. Taps on

    @Bubzles, Hahaha at lease you got what you deserved…why would you act like that with ALCOHOL in your possession?…suspicious!!…Next time don’t just think about yourself but rather about the place you’re in.

  82. hayley on

    I am going to Dubai for 3 days in July as the start of my boyfriend and Is travels. I have heard that they do not allow unmarried couples to share hotel rooms ? is this correct or a rumer ?

  83. OTHMAN on

    @jason, what an ignorant comment! Dubai’s Economic growth does not depend on Oil. Its dependant on innovation in many industries like trade, tourisim etc…

  84. OTHMAN on

    @Mike, smooching and fondling in public in front of our kids is not appreciated and shall never be… UAE and Dubai is diverse and is tolerant to all cultures this does not mean that it has to change its own culture and traditions… Many westerners live here and prefer our environment more than their own back in their countries…

  85. OTHMAN on

    @Apoorva, you can do that of course we also do that … you should visit because some people are giving you the wrong impression … fondling or kissing your partner on the lips for example would be banned…

    hahaha you made me laugh

  86. Scott on

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  88. Alba on

    @Omar Al-Zidjali,You know where to go to if you are not happy with the freedom that the UK provides !!

  89. Alba on

    @Ateek, Well said !!

  90. Mo on

    Dubai dont need people like us going there it’s one of the worlds richest country’s so that’s y follow the law or don’t go there !!!!!

  91. Fs on

    @Falcon hunter,

    You lived here for 30 years and still you managed to make a grave mistake? You are fully cognizant of the laws here and yet you still broke one. You know the UAE is quite intolerant when it comes to carrying/using illegal drugs. It doesn’t matter what kind, you should have known all your 30 years of living here that marijuana ain’t cool with the gov’t here. The law is the law. Even the US will have some funny laws that you wouldn’t readily agree with–albeit not as culturally controversial (like taxing citizenship runners). But hey, that’s what you have to live with coz that’s how they see they could run the country with all these people from different cultures most effectively. It is their right how they decide to manage their citizens and their visitors… As they say, ignorance of the law excuses no one. But your case shouldn’t even be applicable here coz you had full knowledge of the law, having lived here for most of your life! Where is the sanity in your complaint?

  92. Fs on

    @Claire, It’s all about respecting cultures, period. Your culture is yours, we respect that. Ours is ours, you should respect that also. It is just that e uae has their own idea on how best to manage multiple expectations, and that is by enforcing their own cultural rules fully while still giving some leeway to foreign nationals’ cultures. Otherwise, you guys wouldn’t even be in this country coz you would have to all wear abayas or clothes covering your bodies. That is a compromise and you guys don’t even see it. Now when we visit you in the West, the expectation is to still respect each other’s cultures. But we can’t enforce any rules on you coz it’s your country. And you can’t put us in jail for wearing abayas coz it’s not forbidden in your culture–it’s just something you don’t do. But yes, the mutual respect is there (don’t go all Sarkozy/French on me, that’s an isolated case). The ability to enforce differing cultural rules is a different story.

  93. Fs on

    @Makha, And you must be from North Korea or something ’cause you sound like you haven’t traveled much. Or even read much. Please, if you have internet, stop browsing the online tabloids for sensationalized accounts of all things non-West and read the news. From different sources.

  94. Rohit on

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  96. Curious on

    I wonder what would happen if they saw you have another country’s flag on their land or even said America….

  97. Daniel Khan on

    All the more reason I will never go there. People say this country is so modern and glamorous. But they lock you in jail 4 years for a little bit of weed(the only country worse than the US on that) and they can do the same just for kissing or holding hands? What is this the middle ages?

  98. Moosa on

    There are no loopholes in Islam, if Dubai’s culture is based on their bein Muslims then there won’t b any change even if one cried out blood, get in line or keep out

  99. Sabrina on

    Well first off…WOW JUST WOW! Some I you here are completely ignorant…sure thy have rules and thy go by there religion and who are you to tell anyone that arabs are crap? Your still buying oil from them and your still visiting them and hate to break it to you but they are very smart while your always gonna be the one with the “open” mind they are always gonna be the ones 10 steps ahead of your games! I’m american and I’ve been to Arab countries and I have to say that I you respect other you’ll get that respect you don’t see them disrespecting your religion and your beliefs…stop being so Dan ignorant And enjoy your life..after all you don’t own any of this universe and eventually we will all die…God is the only one that has control of everything and it’s really funny how everyone is worrying about money and who has more oil and ect…nothing lasts forever they have a beautiful city well put out and hahaha they don’t have oil…they have infrastructure and tourism and for the person who said they need to buy deodorant….hahahahhahahaha clearly you think too hugjy of your self! I live in the states and Ive seen more people there than here!! If the Us followed dubais footsteps we wouldn’t be in debt and in wars spending trillions of dollars each day over power.. Love my country but sometimes you start to wonder where the hell did we go wrong! For those who are racist..your truly uneducated

  100. been there on

    I lived in Dubai for 6 years. I am from USA. And yes the law are tuff and i am very happy to be back home. I would never go there again. However, it is not as tough as everyone seems to think. Honestly, people from the United States are treated alot better then other people from other countries. We are also paid ALOT more then for example: Indians, Pakistani’s, Phillipino etc….. One thing is certain, i will never take my own country for granted again. We really do have it made here in the USA compared to other countries.

  101. Aaron C on

    Dubai is shit. I go t Repton here and a head officer of the Dubai police force came to talk to us – and he ADMITTED that there is more drugs cases in schools. The law is so inconsistently enforced that they really focus on male-female contact rather than matters like child drug consumption. They might as well have no laws at all.

  102. Aaron C on


  103. Asia Chronicles: From the beginning | on

    […] Or, to be more precise, the United Arab Emirates. […]

  104. love on

    D main key is just to abide by d rules and regulation of d country,I thinks is just for d betterment of d country,so we hav to obey them

  105. Local Dubai lady on

    1-holding hands in Dubai is acceptable also kissing and I am local and I know my country rules.
    2- dubai is one of the richest countries in the world in tourism and not a joke.
    3-U.A.E have many other ways and solutions if oil finished so don’t worry
    4- UAE locals is the second happiest people in the world.
    5- gulf people have the best kinds of oil because of this u.s. needs our oil.
    6- UAE is a country that contains many attracted places for tourist and locals.
    7- we have the right to issue the rules the country want and who dosnt like its up to him.
    8-who didnt travel to Dubai and didn’t experience this diamond plz think before you talk or write or announce.
    9-we have many strong relationship with eroupean people and countries and this is a pleasure that we are a socilabile country.

  106. Local Dubai lady on

    10- their is no drugs in Dubai to make the country secure and peace from some sick people and addict also

  107. Aziz on

    I’m currently in Dubai with my wife, we’re a young Muslim couple from the UK. We’ve held hands Everywhere we’ve been and nobody has batted an eyelid. Agree with all the comments that say – if you don’t like the sound of something then it’s simple, stay away.

  108. Edward on

    Hey I’m heading to Dubai to stay with my dad who lives there with his wife and my little bro and sis in a few weeks, but I’m also gonna meet up with my second ever friend who I haven’t seen since I was 6, so when I see her is it okay if u show I bit of emotion? Yeno hug? And I’m probably gonna be staying in Atlantis with her are we allowed share a room?

  109. Jade on

    I heard that Dubai has a strict dress code and im wondering exactly what are you allowed and not allowed?
    Im goin to dubaithis month and its pretty hot now so i was planning to wear shorts and dresses. Is that appropriate?

  110. Home Skillet on

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  116. udi on

    of course one has to be cognisant of the laws and customs of any place one visits. breaking any county’s laws can get you into trouble, especially when you have few rights (as a foreigner, woman, etc).

    The reason I am not particularly interested in Dubai, is that it is almost impossible to really see the place or interact with locals, as this is frowned upon and discouraged. If you are interested in gawking at lots of money and luxury shopping malls/hotels though, this might be your ideal destination.

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    […] Or, to be more precise, the United Arab Emirates. […]

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